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Sandbox: Soul Series Best Game Feature

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Soul Series: Best Game Feature

Which game features do the Soul Series thread find to be the best? As usual and vote up whichever options you like, vote down which you don't. If you feel apathetic to, or uninformed about something, look it up on the wiki, or don't vote on it either way. Votes cannot be taken back, only reversed.

Crowner Glitch Warning: Sometimes there is a bug on crowners where it says you voted in a certain direction, whether or not you did. To the best of my knowledge, that doesn't affect the actual math, and you can still vote. If you are prohibited from voting, notify the thread, and we will decide whether or not to suspend the crowner.

Crowner Week polls are as follows: (Note that only the 3 with the most positive votes will be displayed, however, that may not reflect choices with fewer positive and no negative votes.
  • Best character (story, overall design & personality)
    • WINNERS: Talim (12:3), Seong Mi-Na (8:0), Yoshimitsu (9:1), Kilik (9:1)
  • Best guest/bonus character
    • WINNERS: Ezio (9:0), Ashlotte (6:0), Link (7:2)
  • Best weapon play style
    • WINNERS: Zasalamel's Scythe (9:1), Raphael's Rapier (8:1), Talim's Tonfa (9:2)
  • Best music
  • Best game feature (weapon master, COTS, survival, breakable armor, create-a-character, etc)
    • WINNERS: Create-A-Soul/Character Creation (SC 3, 4, 5) (14:0), Weapon Master (SE, SC 2) (9:1), Weapon Gallery (SC 2) (7:0), Extra Weapons (SC 1,2,3,4,5) (7:0)
  • Best Game

Assuming I don't forget, each poll to last 24 hours, starting and ending midnight, "Central Daylight Time" (UTC-5, this time of year). If the crowner doesn't happen to get hooked, please make the page topper link to the active crowner!

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Create-A-Soul/Character Creation (SC 3, 4, 5)

Weapon Master (SE, SC 2)

Weapon Gallery (SC 2)

Extra Weapons (SC 1,2,3,4,5)

Exhibition Mode (SC 1,2,3)

Museum (SC 1,2,3)

Online Mode (SC 4,5, digital re-releases)

Profile / Stage Viewer (SC 2, 3, 4)

3rd Costumes (SC 2)

Tales of Souls (SC 3)

Team Battle (SC 2)

Active Matching Battle (SC 4)

Costume Color Editor (SC 3)

Training Mode

Chronicles of the Sword (SC 3)

Soul Arena (SC 3)

Arcade Mode (all)

Survival (SC 2)

World Competition (SC 3)

Tower Of Lost Souls (SC IV)

Conquest Mode (SC 2 Arcade)

Critical Finish (SC 4)

Critical Edge (SC 5)

Brave Edge (SC 5)


Breakable Weapons (SE)

Breakable Armor (SC 4,5)