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Sandbox: Soul Series Best Created Character

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At issue:

Soul Series: Best Troper Created Character

Which Troper created Souls do the thread members think are the best?

Tips for when you upload your character(s)
  • You can include:
    • A picture
    • Their weapon style
    • Their personality
    • Their relationship to other existing or created characters, etc.
    • Try to include the recipe for how you made the character.
  • Mention which game you made the character in.
  • Please do not put up more than your 5 favorite.

Votes cannot be taken back, only reversed. Assuming I don't forget, this poll is to end Sunday midnight, Eastern Time.

Last time, on Crowner "Week": Best Music - Soul Calibur V.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Name: Uche (Igbo for "wisdom")

  • Costume Parts (Made in Soul Calibur 3):
    • Long Straight Hair(1,27)
    • Barbarian's Necklace(01,14)
    • Barbarian's Belt(03,03)
    • Cloth Vest, Tapered Pants (17,04)
    • Cloth Gauntlets, Bandit's Shoulders, Samurai Shin Guards, Cloth Shoes (08,18)
    • Face 7, eyebrows (01,24), lips (03,02), eyes (02,27), skin (09,25), voice: Young Man 2
  • Design Idea: I envisioned something influenced by standard attire in my culture, only with a cut open chest, to look more imposing. Tied together long bones would make bracer armor on his wrists and shins. I chose the hair I did because it looked nice, though the Shaved Head option would be more fitting, and is what I'll be using from now on. I may use the Cursed Belt (17,04) depending on how that changes his voice lines.
    • For an alternate, I'd have something much more similar to Igbo war dance attire, which would actually also fit stylistically with some of the regular series costume designs.
  • Weapon: Twin machetes, the smaller of which could be docked besides the larger, to form something similar to a broad sword with a space in the middle. Effectively, it'd function like a mix of Wave Sword, Iron Sword and Cervantes playstyles.
  • Characterization: A 17 year old clan chief-in-waiting, exploring the world for new ways of thought and to protect his people. This is the kind of person who would rather seem imposing to ward off fights with the average person, because he'd rather not fight unless he's in danger, especially when he knows victory is the likely outcome.
  • Character Relationships: I'd have him meet Talim and Seung Mina along his journey, at least. Maybe have a Let's You and Him Fight with Hilde before learning a bit about how she leads her people. Then walking through Raphael's territory, but not picking a fight there. Then he gets all atoner about that if he meets Talim afterwards.

Name: Chie

  • Costume Parts (Made in Soul Calibur 3):
    • Double Pigtails (32,09 / 34,27)
    • Metal Headband, Scale Bustier, Slit Pants, Tabi, Gladiator's Boots (34,27)
    • Metal Braces, Samurai Sleeves (07,04)
    • Face 6, eyebrows (31,04), lips (33,04), eyes (30,25), skin (09,15), voice: Woman
  • Design Idea: Self-explanatory. I didn't know what her face would be like, so at first I'd thought of something tougher, but seeing more images of her, and to provide a counterpoint to Taki, I'm thinking I'll go with something softer. Her outfit's kinda skimpy, but if you had a body like that after having a kid, by all means flaunt it. She might benefit from some upper leg armor.
    • The purple hair just looked cool to me. Logically it would be black and in fact it looks much better black, but I posted her as designed then. Black hair does have her looking a bit too similar to Taki, though.
    • Alternate Costume: Her orange robe as she appears in on the wiki.
  • Weapon: Katana and Shuriken, specifically, Suigetsuto & Ukifune or Genma & Kokuen. Also, some of the more acrobatic kicks and moves from the Kunai style.
  • Characterization: Having had the kid, she decides to be more proactive in leading the clan, and helping Taki and Li Long. She may resemble a Yamato Nadeshiko, but she definitely is toughening herself up and has a warrior's edge to her. Still, she's fully dedicated to family, friendship, and clan.
  • Character Relationships: Again, self-explanatory. Taki's best friend (and effectively, boss, but that doesn't come between them). Li Long's wife. Possibly a rival to Yoshimitsu.

Name: Jade (First Costume; Second Costume; Third Costume) (SCIV)

  • Styles: Maxi (First), Talim (Second), and Yunsung (Third)
  • Character: As with most of my CAS's, she doesn't really have any character or backstory to speak of.

Name: Leodegrance

  • Costume Parts (Made in Soul Calibur 3):
    • Musketeer Hat(10,04 / 02,19)
    • Slicked Back Hair(01,15)(if I could reverse these colors for a regular salt and pepper look...)
    • Edgemaster Beard(08,13)
    • Pirate's Jacket, Crusader Cape, Tapered Pants (02,21)
    • Breastplate, Dragon Gauntlets, Lord's Shoulders, Heko-Obi, Evil Leg Armor (09,16)
    • Face 13, eyebrows (01,20), lips (03,06), eyes (24,05), skin (05,16), voice: Man
  • Design Idea: Noble + Knight. That's the gist of it. I'd have liked the shoulders and helmet of the armor to be shaped like lions' heads (no lower jaw on the shoulders), and the knees to be the complementing lower jaws.
  • Weapon: Lance, specifically "Sacrifice".
  • Characterization: An English noble, an older, well-renowned and popular knight, with a lot of government influence. He'd be sent on a mission to retrieve the sword(s) for the benefit of his country, though this may be a Uriah Gambit by the monarchy to get a rival out of the way. Also, being a warrior of England's nascent imperialism, he'd be a Noble Bigot.
  • Character Relationships: He'd be familiar with the Valentine family. He'd also have distrust for American Rock and Bangoo, the Spanish Cervantes, and other national rivals or points of conquest for England.

Name: Laeven (SCIV)

  • Style: Kilik
  • Character: Laeven is an OC I made for The Avatar Arena. This is me trying to recreate him in SC IV, going off of this avatar.

Name: Knowlessman (First; Second) (SCV)

  • Styles: Yoshimitsu (First) and Siegfried (Second)
  • Character: He's basically an Author Avatar. The picture on the first's back and the second's pauldrons is a blue phoenix superimposed on a white phoenix, corresponding to the colors I use in Magic: The Gathering; my main deck is Azorius.

Name: Wurse (SCV)

  • Style: Aeon (Lizardman)
  • Character: I made him when I decided to try and learn Aeon's moveset. Yes, the name is a pun. Also, he does have two horns, but the left one tends to clip through his wings. I made the eyes the same way I made Metal Man's.

Name: Overkill (Previously known as Metal Man) (SCV)

  • Style: Siegfried
  • Character: I was looking at the DLC, noticed the Skeleton Suit, and decided to buy it (a rare occurrence). That is pretty much his entire story. The red eyes are made by careful use of the Heart special equipment piece. The pants would be jeans if jeans weren't DLC, the giant katana is jet black and has a dark red trail, and yes, those are spurs on his boots.

Since I'm limited to five, I'mma cut this one. Downvote, please.

Since I'm limited to five, I'mma cut this one. Downvote, please.

Since I'm limited to five, I'mma cut this one. Downvote, please.