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Sandbox: Naruto Top Group

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At issue:

The fifth crowner of Crowner Week! This will be for the top group. From four man squads to the special war divisions (none of the major 5 divisions or countries, please).

As usual, vote down who you dislike, and up who you like. Don't vote on someone if you feel neutral on them. Votes can't be taken back, only reversed.

Vote your gut. For some of these, we don't know everything about them, but if you like the concept or some of the known people in them, go right ahead.

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Six Paths of Pain

Sand Siblings

Seven Swordsmen of the Mist

Legendary Sannin

Team Guy

Sound 5

Sasuke Retrieval Squad

Ame Orphans

Explosion Corps (Of the Rock Village)

Team Samui

Yamato's "Team Kakashi"

Team Kurenai

Team Kakashi

Team Asuma

Previous Ino-Shika-Cho

Mei's Daimyo Protection Squad

Kankuro's Surprise Attack Division


The Sand's Puppet Brigade


ANBU (general)