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Sandbox: Most Wanted Unwanted Movie People

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At issue:

People involved with the movie

This includes actors, directors, producers, composers, writers... People other than the characters. Also includes companies like Pixar or Aardmann Animation or Hanna-Barbera that have a distinct and recognizeable style or tone.

Also note: It doesn't matter if they're still alive (or in business) or not.

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Christopher Nolan

Alan Rickman


Alfred Hitchcock

Neil Patrick Harris

Bruce Lee

Stanley Kubrick

Martin Sheen

Mel Gibson

Steven Spielberg

Tim Burton

Eddie Murphy

Akira Kurosawa

Federico Fellini

Ingmar Bergman

James Spader

Nicolas Cage

Aardmann Animation

George Lucas

Jackie Chan

James Cameron

Charlie Sheen

Johnny Depp

Jack Black