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Tre's proposal.

  • Places characters in a grid.
  • Mostly bluish.
  • Uses blocky, hollow shapes as replacements for letters.
  • Stylized black crescent moon is used.
  • Distant from the design of Tv Tropes' logo and general interface.
  • Uses cracked, vertical lightbulb.

Edmania's proposal.

  • Fits better with the icon also designed by Edmania.
  • Is closer to the Tv Tropes logo, as it uses the same font, undercase letters only, and includes an underline.
  • Has burning letters.
  • Has bullet holes in those burning letters.
  • Uses a lunar eclipse.
  • Puts the characters crowded together. (May add more when Blackmoon finishes all the character art)
  • Has a broken, heavy lightbulb vaguely where the lampshade on the Tv Tropes logo should be. May have been broken by Jordan, seeing where her gun is pointing.
  • Has an alternative that references Tv Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

Combination of Tre's and Edmania's second logo.

First logo made by Edmania based on the Dissidia Final Fantasy logo.

  • Both titles use made up names.
  • Both games have some divine thing bring a bunch of people to fight.
  • The titles are similar.
  • Uses the same font and font color as the Tv Tropes logo.
  • Includes the Tv Tropes logo itself.