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Sandbox: Bleach Favorite Vandenreich

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At issue:

Bleach Character Poll - Round 2, the Vandenreich

The rules are simple and are as follows:
  1. You may vote for as many characters as you like.
  2. Winner will be decided by best ratio, but characters with too few votes (ie. 1-0) will be discounted.
  3. The poll will run until it stops getting votes.
  4. If more polls are to follow, then an undecided number ranging from 3 to 5 will go onto a final popularity poll to decide the thread's current favorite character.

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Yhwach - A

As Nodt - F the Fear

Candice Catnipp - T the Thunderbolt

Bambietta Basterbine - E the Explode

Mask De Masculine - S the Superstar

Liltotto Lamperd - G the Glutton

Quilge Opie - J the Jail

Meninas McAllon - P the Power

BG9 - K

Giselle Gewelle - Z the Zombie

Commissioner Gordon

Jugram Haschwalth - B

Askin Nakk Le Vaar - D

Guanael Lee - V the Vanish Point


Bazz B - H the Heat

Driscoll Berci - O the Overkill

Loyd Lloyd and Royd Lloyd - Y the Yourself

Berenice Gabrielli - Q the Question


Nanana Najahkoop - U

Gremmy Thoumeaux - V the Visionary

Asguiaro Ebern

Jerome Guizbatt - R the Roar

Cang Du - I the Iron

Shaz Domino

Luders Friegen