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  • "That sounds like an awfully selfish reason not to kill a million babies." -Desertopa (used by Lizard Bite)

  • "I strongly suggest you stop posting until whatever the hell you're tripping on wears off. " - Madrugada (Used by: Drunkscriblerian)

  • "I think it's important to remember that it wasn't Thomas Man and Martha Man who were gunned down in front their young son, Bat." -Malkavian (used by juancarlos 11)

  • "Wait, I thought we were talking "Sexual Fantasy" crazy, not "knives up your ass" crazy." -juancarlos11 (Used by: Diamonnes)

  • "My favourite spice is Tim Curry. It gives every movie a distinctly hammy aroma." (Used by: Kerrah)

  • Charmin ads are one of the biggest advantages that literature has over television. -Aliroz The Confused (Used by: Madrugada)

  • "I just learned a new term for mortals who participate in a Wyld Hunt: "Ablative People Shields"." (Used by Fighteer)

  • "Kino uses an asterisk to tell he's joking; I just hit the send button" -Scrye (used by Kino)

  • My day just isn't complete unless I've traumatized some gay guys. —Landstander (Used by: Blackmoon)

  • "Non-sequitors have a time and place, dammit." -Mr AHR (Used by Black Wolfe)

  • "Chances are, I'm not actually wearing any pants right now." (used by Ossan)

  • "It's not that I don't want to be Lawful Good, I just can't get my IQ to drop that low."

  • ""Everyone is shota for Jinx... even though she's a girl." "

To be seen, stand up

To be heard, speak up

To be appreciated, shut up

(Used by Makuta9999)