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Sandbox: Best Avatar 2011

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zam - Abraham Lincoln.

Parable — Kyonko

Ozborne's sleeping Trolls

Blackmoon: Your worth is 50 yen!

Earl of Sandvich: Eldritch Heavy

Everzwijn - Just... this...

Fast Eddie — GIANT KILLER ROBOT (Or Gort, for the Sci-fi savvy tropers)

Zyxzy: Rei

Wicked - Hypno Toad

Balmung - any of the Fire Emblem girls, and similar characters

Beholderess: Various Jellyfish/Jellyfish-like lifeforms.

Major Tom - Cirno.

Parable - Kyonko

Noimporta - Pikahitler

Tzetze: Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

Midnight Velvet: Bitches And Whores

spasticgecko: the Hyperbole and a Half one (weird looking girl in front of a rainbow)

Mousa the 14 and all his Spawn- Individual portraits of the personalities

sgrunt - a peaked cap with goggles

Various  *

- Photoshopped Osaka Faces

Sandra Josieph - Self explanatory

The last air bender.

Zizoz: For maintaining a consistent lack of avatar.

DonZabu - Phelous Derp

The Mighty Anonym - Bleeding eyes Chi

Parable: The guy has a ton, your pick...