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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Does Grade C Zettai Ryouiki, just below the knee, count as an example of the trope? What to do with the examples encountered in the main page.

Showing 8 of 8. Hide items with lower scores.

Mark as debatable. Keep the examples nevertheless.

Rank C counts but is used differently then Ranks A and B. (ie Rank C is more innocent and so to evoke Moe instead of Perverse Sexual Lust)

Identify the different use of Raqnk C in the trope description and Soft Split examples.

Counts. Keep the examples.

Mark as debatable, isolate the examples.

Counts, but cut the examples since we only catalogue B and above. Otherwise it's People Sitting On Chairs.

Doesn't count. Cut the examples.

Doesn't count, but keep the examples since it references the grading system.

Mark as debatable. Cut the examples.