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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Issues with current YKTTW setup:
  • YKTTW is often overly-concerned with example-finding as opposed to description-drafting
  • There is a backlog in the current YKTTW system.
  • There isn't enough quality control over what comes out of YKTTW, leading to more work fixing them later.

These are the solution proposals for YKTTW. Please note that they are not mutually exclusive.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Tagging system so that drafts can be tagged as Needs A Better Title, Needs Examples, Is This Tropable, and so on (proposed list here), with filters to browse by tag

YKTTW history with diffs and editors

Allow crowners to be hooked to YKTTW

Allow hollering from a YKTTW

Create a YKTTW watchlist

Create a "Stale YKTTW" list like "Stale Shop" in TRS/IP

Alternative forum-view

Use hooked alt-titles crowner on YKTTW

Allow YKTTWs to be seen sorted by reply date

Creating an archive for Launched and/or discarded YKTTWs

Forcing comments on hats/de-hats

Use laconic as draft title.

Make permalinks in YKTTW look like a YKTTW in the main list

Linking your YKTTW history from YKTTW

"Examples" go in a different comment box than "drafts"

Tag improper launches in a Launched/Discarded archive

Preventing public editing of comments

Three stage creation: Description Refinement; Name Crowner; Examples Round.

Forcing a post in a YKTTW before launching and/or discarding

Forcing comments when removing a hat.

Make the "Needs A Better Description" tag hide several other tags as suggested here

move hatting / dehatting into the comments so it becomes a single action.

Pick image by hooked IP crowner

Use a YKTTW namespace for drafts, and link it from YKTTW

Make the "Definition Contested" tag hide several other tags as suggested here

Linking titled YKTTWs to the pages titled.

Allow sponsors to hook/unhook and close crowners on a YKTTW

Implement some form of enforced tags with "tag heirarchy", e.g. if tag A is present then tag B isn't displayed because A renders B irrelevant. For example, Needs A Better Description would override No Launching Please because bad YKTTW's shouldn't be launched anyway.

Change Description to say Description (At Least Three Sentences, No Examples). The OP would be free to supply examples starting with the first comment/reply.

Remove "sponsor" from the top of the thingie.

Three stage creation: Description Refinement; Examples Round; Name Crowner.

Allowing sponsors to clock YKTTWs

Requiring permission for launching from a "Launch control team"

Two stage creation: Description Refinement, Name Crowner/Indexing/Examples

Create a "Trope brainstorming" place separate from YKTTW

Capping the number of YKTTWs