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At issue:

"World Map" is currently defined as "any depiction of a videogame regional map that provides free exploration between discrete levels/areas" (a la Final Fantasy). It is, however, used for videogame World Maps in general, such as "map select screen" style maps (a la Super Mario Bros 3).

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Trope Transplant 1

  • Expand "World Map" into a Super Trope for the World Map mechanic in video games, regardless of its technical implementation.
  • Move the current definition (e.g. Final Fantasy-style world maps) to a separate name.
  • Update/split wikilinks between free-roaming and Point-and-Click Map types.

  • Pro: New definition is consistent with virtually all in-wiki usage of the term (nobody is using outside of videogames).
  • Con: Pre-existing term is still broader than the definition.

Trope Transplant 2

  • Pro: Pre-established term for, well, "maps of the world" in general.
  • Con: Tropability concerns; found no in-wiki usage of the term outside of videogames.


  • Pro:
  • Con: May not stop future misuse.