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Where to put children who are raised by animals?

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As per the new trope description, but entitle it Raised by Wolves, currently redirected to No Social Skills.



Create a new trope Literally Raised By Wolves (Or another title via YKTTW): just animal parents. It would be a supertrope covering all the ways a kid can turn out:

  • Mute, vicious and lacking.
  • Weird but talking.
  • Perfectly ordinary.
  • Shark Powers because they were raised by sharks!


  • Avoids complicating Wild Child.
  • Just what it sounds like.
  • Many examples will need to move. It will take time for the new name to become the norm.

Expand the text of Wild Child to cover all cases of children being raised by animals.


  • Used to mean children raised by animals already in some wicks.
  • Many of the examples on Wild Child read this way.
  • Requires a rewrite — the current text is mostly about mute, really feral kids.
  • Title might not be as immediately obvious as Literally Raised By Wolves .