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Page Action: What To Do About Standard Status Effects

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What would be the best way to fix the page?

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Old crowner died without action. New proposals have been suggested recently.

Not all options are mutually exclusive.

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Rename Standard Status Effects to "Status Ailment". This is supposed to be about negative status effects only (positive effects are covered by Status Buff), but the effects on gameplay are not always "standard" between games.

Cut all in-page examples. Declare page an example-less supertrope/index. (Other pages are still free to link it as a trope.)

Combine all examples into a single list. Do not split in-page examples per status ailment/effect; this confuses the page layout by alternating between description and examples.

Split page into separate pages for each ailment, each with its own examples. Because the page is too big, and removing the examples doesn't seem like a good option.