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The Man in the Moon - The concept of the moon having the face of a man.

Cheesy Moon - The moon is made of cheese

Gigantic Moon - When the moon takes up too much space in the sky.

Moon Rabbit - References & Shout-Out to a group of Chinese folk tales.

Vulcan Has No Moon - The night sky has celestial objects where they don't belong.

Bad Moon Rising - a red celestial body

Lunacy - The moon affects behaviours on the Earth.

Once In A Blue Moon - "Blue moon"s

Total Eclipse of the Plot - Eclipses are a plot device.

Detonation Moon - destroying the moon

Solar and Lunar - The duality of the sun and moon.

Wolves Always Howl at the Moon - Canines howl at moon. Moon may invigorate/excite them.

Full Moon Silhouette - creating a profile with the moon in the background.

Melancholy Moon - Setting a melancholy/introspective mood.

Stellar Name - Has a section "Luna (meaning "moon") is another common one: "

Trope is just a list of names and what they're referencing.

Moon-Landing Hoax - The titular hoax is discussed or proven real.