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Organize the long-runners by total years active.

PRO: Easy to find the longest runners. CON: Will need to be updated every January.

Put a common sense warning on the page asking people adding examples to not add a webcomic if it is prone to enough hiatuses that it has not truly been active for at least 10 years. Ccoa volunteers to curate the page to try to keep away such examples.

PRO: No difficult and changing strip totals to calculate and keep track of.

CON: Some tropers are lacking in common sense, sorry to say.

Organize the long-runners by year launched.

PRO: Will not need yearly updates. CON: Cannot tell which are the longest running.

Have a sliding scale requirement that requires a certain amount of strips in addition to being running for at least 10 years, with that amount determined by the update schedule.

PRO: Keeps out the webcomics that update once in a blue moon or have taken hiatuses that mean they have not been active for 10 years.

CON: Difficult to calculate the number of strips and this number is constantly changing for active strips.

Duplicate, ignore.

Organize the long-runners by number of strips. (Leave as-is)

PRO: ? CON: Number of strips does not equate time running, as a daily strip will hit 1000 strips long before a weekly strip.

In addition to listing the webcomics over 10 years old, also have a section listing them by number of strips.

PRO: Acknowledges both those that have hit milestones like 1000 strips and those that have run for over 10 years.

CON: Again, number of strips has little correlation to how long a strip has been running, which is contrary to the idea of a "long-runner" in the sense we use it here.

Organize alphabetically.

PRO: simple and low maintenance. CON: does not allow for comparisons between length of run.

Organize by genre.

PRO: low maintenance, already done by some other long-runner pages. CON: webcomic genres may be debatable; makes it hard to see which are the longest-runners.