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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Merge Unlucky Childhood Friend with Victorious Childhood Friend or keep them separate? And how separate?

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Merge with Unlucky Childhood Friend but leave the examples soft split by unlucky, open ended or victorious.

Reason: They are the same trope, but there can be slight variations in how it is played.

Keep the current pages and launch a supertrope for them.

Reason: They should be considered legit tropes, but a supertrope would be useful for generic, ambigious, or interactive examples.

Reasons against it: The two existing titles are inherent spoilers on the work pages, so we should get rid of them completely and replace them with neutral titles.

Do nothing.

Reason: The character's status of winning or losing is the important part of the trope.

Merge with Unlucky Childhood Friend completely.

Reason: The trope itself is always the same, the ending is just a superficial, irrelevant detail. Also, this would make even the trope page itself more spoiler-free, by not telling the plot resolution at first sight.

Ignore this