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Vote up all qualities that you believe should be part of the Urban Fantasy trope definition. (Also vote on whether you think the entire trope should itself be renamed.)

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Urban Fantasy must take place after the industrial revolution, at the very earliest.

Urban Fantasy must be set no later than 10-to-20 years in the future.

Urban Fantasy must be Fantasy and not only be a related genre like Sci-Fi or Horror.

Urban Fantasy needs to provide justification as to why the world seems so close to ours, such as a Masquerade which is recently broken or still in place, alienation of magic-beings from ordinary society, or the magic simply left and then later returned.

Urban Fantasy can be set no earlier than the end of World War Two.

Urban Fantasy must be set within a city or highly suburban locale, not out in the country and with small towns and villages.

Urban Fantasy must take place on Earth.

Urban Fantasy must involve a Masquerade, either recently broken or still in place.

Urban Fantasy must not involve a Masquerade.

Rename Urban Fantasy.