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At issue:

We are going to use the Trivia page for insignificant facts that are not tropes. Please vote up for items you'd like moved to the Trivia page and down those you think should stay among the tropes. Struck out items have already been added, please direct your attention to the rest.

Note: An option has consensus to move to trivia when it has at least 10 votes and at least a 2:1 ratio.

Previous crowners here and here.

Trivia is for facts about the work that are external to the work itself and can not be noticed just watching/reading/playing the work.

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Recursive Adaptation: An adaptation is adapted back into the medium of the original work [a variant of Adaptation Sequence].

Adaptation Overdosed ("At least three different continuities have been established by the adaptations of a work.")

Adaptation Sequence: (= The adaptation of an original work is basis for an adaptation itself, and so forth.)

Already listed.

Already listed.

Cult Actor Ineligible by virtue of not existing.

Artistic License - Indexes: The supertropes to all our non-trivial tropes about things in fiction working differently than things in reality.

The Master (it's about characters that have that name)