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Merge with Small Name, Big Ego and restrict the combination to fictional examples only, to avoid complaining about authors you don't like.

Merge with Small Name, Big Ego and use that as its name.

Pro: Name more accurately describes what the trope itself and has brought many more outside referrals to the wiki.

Cleanup doesn't change the inherent Creator Bashing of the trope.

Changing the name will bring all the redirects to an actual trope.

Con: Small Name, Big Ego is being sandboxed here.

Con: It is also a YMMV page.

Con: Small Name, Big Ego has a lot of inbound clicks.

Rename Ted Baxter something else.

Pro: We will open a name crowner, Allowing for a better consensus on the name

Con: This will cause a longer turnover time.

Keep the name Ted Baxter.