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As it is right now, Acquitted Too Late has a heading for "Examples" and for "Examples of people being acquitted too late that aren't instances of this trope". The latter's list of examples is twice as long. Discussion.

The description and the first heading are about prime suspects of crimes being cleared by their own deaths. And murderers pretending to get killed to clear their own names. The second heading lists examples of people being acquitted of crimes after they've already died, by execution or otherwise.

They seem to have gotten lumped together because of the confusing name, "Acquitted Too Late". Even though the name is from an example of the former, it really sounds more like it's describing the latter. It would be best to split them with names that make it so that they aren't so easily confused for each other.

Innocent By Reason Of Murder would work for the "Prime suspect is proved to not be the killer by being murdered himself" aspect. Acquitted Too Late can take care of the rest.