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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Shilling The Wesley is supposed to be about shilling characters that are reviled by the fanbase (hence the trope's name containing a reference to The Wesley), but it is misused to mean shilling any character, hated or not.

Related: The term "The Wesley" is character-based and is not in common use as we define it. TV Tropes is, in fact, the originator of the term as we use it.

Note: The TRS thread and crowner for The Wesley are here.

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Merge with The Wesley and rename the combined trope Creator's Pet. YKTTW a new trope for "shilling any character".

Rename and redefine this trope to mean shilling any character.

Leave it as is — A YMMV trope about shilling characters that some fans hate. Delete any examples that do not refer to a Wesley.

Cut the page for being nothing more than a platform for fans to complain.

Rename the trope.

Redefine this trope to mean shilling any character, but keep the name the same.