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[Definition] entries are competing with each other. Vote up the one you think works best, don't vote on the other ones you'd be alright with, vote down ones you think do not work.

[Genre] entries are competing, the question is if this trope is exclusive to the shooter genres, or if it could apply to any genre.

[Genre] Any genre that can fit the definition.

[Definition] The mechanic where the character quickly regenerates their health or armour or shields if they haven't been hit in a while, been detected in a while, or by putting the character in a certain position(like leaning or crouching). Expand definition as necessary.

[Definition] When the game allows you to regenerate health when you're not actively fighting during combat. (or essentially requiring that, if you need to hide to trigger it you're not fighting, if you need to perform an action that leaves you vulnerable you'd be smart to find a cozy foxhole first.)

[Genre] First/Third person shooters only.

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