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Characters whose "affable" gestures (being nice, funny, etc.) are obviously insincere. For example, a villain who sells a lonely little girl a pet cat... but it turns out that the cat used to be the hero's wife. Affably Evil villains are sincere while Evilly Affable villains are just trolling.

Characters who are pleasant and friendly in demeanor but not in deed. They'll chat pleasantly with their victims while engaging in Cold Blooded Torture, or hum cheerfully to themselves while setting an orphanage on fire. Unlike Affably Evil characters, they're genuinely mean, and often do things For the Evulz, but you'd never know it just by talking to them.

Character who is playing at being affable, even while still clearly being evil. Where the "Affably Evil" villain's politeness is probably genuine, this is only an act, or a sick (or bitter, or immature) joke.

Character who is primarily evil but happens to be affable (as opposed to Affably Evil being primarily affable but happens to be evil, or Laughably Evil, which is broader and covers everything from Evilly Affable to Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain.

Character who is just so charismatic that you forgive the fact that he's a horrible person because Evil Is Cool. Not necessarily nice or funny, but is likable despite his/her evil acts.

Character whose charisma, style, and/or sense of humor is used to emphasize their evil qualities. Said affability does not diminish the fact that they are evil. Tends to draw more interest and fans the more evil and dangerous their actions are.

Character who commits evil acts in a nice/pleasant way (e.g. chatting pleasantly with the hero while he's slowly lowered into the Pit of Death).

"Somebody who is clearly an ass. If they're polite, they say "Pardon me" after bumping somebody off a cliff, laugh and smile pretty much at only their own cruelty and even consider it funny. Often, they are funny people as opposed to the amiable Affably Evil but they're jokes tend to be silly, Dead Baby Comedy or Black Humour."

Cut this trope. None of these options are really substantially different from Affably Evil, and/or are not tropable on their own.

Character who expresses his/her affability (humor, style, etc.) in evil ways. E.g. the Joker, whose affability is tied into his evil (high volt joy buzzers, acid squirting lapel flowers, and so on).

Character who is so over the top in psychopathy that it Crosses the Line Twice into entertaining Black Comedy. May invoke Fridge Horror upon retrospection.

Villainous character who is entertaining, but with no other redeeming values.

Sandbox.Evilly Affable.

"Some villains take great joy in their villainy. By their very nature they are mean-spirited and unpleasant, but something happens whenever they are being evil. They start smiling and acting pleasant, and might even gain a sense of humor. For many Evilly Affable characters, this manifests in a way that the more atrocious their actions or the more dangerous they are to the people around them, the more pleasant they act."

Character who is so good at being a Complete Monster (often being a Large Ham in the process) that audience reaction circles back to admiration. They effortlessly cross the line twice and have the disturbing tendency to combine Moral Event Horizon with Crowning Moment of Awesome.