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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Deciding which pages should have their Real Life sections removed. Reasons to do so include contentiousness and high potential for flame wars.

Vote UP if you think the page's RL section should be cut.

Items with the trope name stricken (like so) have already been decided, with ten or more total votes, more than 48 hours on the crowner, and at least a 2:1 yes/no ratio. No further voting is needed on those items.

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White-Haired Pretty Girl: The definition is "white hair as a mark of magical ability, spiritual powers, non-human background, or at the very least exceptional wisdom". As such, any real life examples are misuse (or controversial, if they're claiming the fourth meaning).
[Added July 28, 9:45 PM]

Wham Episode: Real Life isn't scripted.
[Added July 31, 11:45 AM]

Obviously Evil: We don't call real people evil.
[Added 29 July, 6:15 AM]

Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Another evil trope, and a character design cue trope.
[added 10 August, 5:00 PM]

Transparent Closet: TV Tropes is not a gossip column.
[Added 21 Aug, 12:26 PM]

Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain - We don't allow RL examples of villains. Also a magnet for natter.
[Added 21 August, 6:45 PM]

Anticlimax Boss: Another villain trope.
[Added August 1, 6:00 PM]

Teens Are Monsters - It's highly offensive and not always correct. Plus, we don't need to list stories of teenagers being cruel.
[-[Added 15 July, 9:00 PM]-

Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! - Controversial subject matter and natter. There is a lot of useful information though, but much of it has devolved into thread mode and the information would be better suited for Analysis
[-[Added July 17, 2012, 2:18 PM]-

Big Good: Calling real people good is nearly as controversial as calling them evil.
[Added August 1, 5:45 PM]

Bait-and-Switch Boss: Another villain trope.
[Added August 1, 6:00 PM]

Mail-Order Bride: The RL section right now looks like an ad for the practice. Also, this is too common for there to be all real life examples listed.
[Added 11 August, 7:45 PM]

Kids Are Cruel - too depressing...I mean do we really need a list of sad real life stories of kids being cruel to one another and adults??
[-[Added 15 July, 9:00 PM]-

Irishman and a Jew. Just because this pairing produces two nice counterpoint characters in fiction doesn't mean that a list of famous Irishman who married a Jew in real life is useful.
[Added 16 July, 4:15 PM]

Was It Really Worth It? / Worth It: Too controversial, soapboxing, provincialism, self-indulgence. What is worth for one could be not worth for another.
[-[Added 16 July, 3:00 AM]-

The Alliance: Calling real people good is nearly as controversial as calling them evil.
[Added August 1, 5:45 PM]

Evil Albino: Another invitation to call real people evil.
[Added 5th Aug 5:35 PM]

Enfant Terrible: We're not interested in calling real people evil on this site.
[-[Added 23 July, 7:30 PM]-

Gilligan Cut: Real life isn't scripted and the examples don't fit the trope.
[Added Aug 23, 9:00 PM]

From Bad to Worse: Subjective and controversial.
[-[Added 16 July, 2:15 AM]-

Evil Tower of Ominousness - Could be used to indirectly call real people villains by comparing their buildings and monuments with evil lairs.
[-[Added 22 July, 1:45 AM]-

Straight Gay: The examples don't fit the trope.
[Added 5 August, 5:45 PM]

The Empire: It's specifically described as an Evil Counterpart to The Alliance, The Kingdom, and The Federation, and furthermore the Real Life section has devolved into a political natterfest.
[Added 11 August, 2:00 PM]

Armor-Piercing Question: Too many political and otherwise-controversial examples, continued ignorance of Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment.
[Added 24 August, 10:00 PM]

Reign of Terror: Too controversial, filled with Natter and soapboxing. We should just keep the Trope Namer.
[-[Added 16 July, 3:00 AM]-

Flanderization: This trope only works in fiction.Real life isn't scripted.

Witch Hunt: Too many examples, highly controversial trope, soapboxing, rants, Conversation On The Main Page.
[Added 19 June, 2:00 AM]

Computer Virus: There are some absurd number of computer viruses in the world. I really don't think we need to list them.
[Added 20 July, 9:30 PM]