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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Deciding which pages should have their Real Life sections removed. Reasons to do so include contentiousness and high potential for flame wars.

Vote UP if you think the page's RL section should be cut.

Items with the trope name stricken (like so) have already been decided, with ten or more votes, more than 48 hours on the crowner, and at least a 2:1 yes/no ratio. No further voting is needed on those items.

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Right-Hand Cat: Basically calling living Real Life political and religious figures evil.
[Added 30 June, 2:45 PM]

Hero with Bad Publicity: Too controversial, would imply that the opponents are villains.
[Added 15 June, 6:45 am]

Shiksa Goddess: Same as with other "Sexy Stereotype" tropes. Listing cross-religious couples implies they're only lovers because of his sexual fetish, which is simply degrading (and latently anti-semitic). The complementary trope Matzo Fever is already on the NRLEP index.
[Added 5 July, 4:30 AM]

Temporarily a Villain; to have real-life examples of this would be an implicit form of calling real people evil, albeit only temporarily; not to mention the question of when exactly they were evil or when they were good.

Looks Like She Is Enjoying It: Lewd gushing
[Added 12 July 09:05 AM]

Only Sane Man: Too controversial and basically unverifiable in real life, generally leads to complaining.
[Added 15 June, 6:45 am.]

Western Terrorists: Way too controversial, and we already purged Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters.
[-[Added 20 June, 9:15 AM]-

Politically Correct History: Due to the trope's nature, any example here is political soapboxing. But the trope is about real history misrepresented in fiction, not merely about governments or people denying historical facts in their nation's history.
[-[Added 2 July, 1:00 AM]-

Hot Consort - Too Subjective and Unfortunate Implications
[Added 3 June, 5:15 AM]

Utopia Justifies the Means: Too controversial and reductive, excellent Flame Bait, a lot of Natter.
[-[Added 11 June, 10:15 AM]-

Black and Gray Morality: Boils down to calling real people evil.
[-[Added 11 June, 11:45 AM]-

Despotism Justifies the Means: As we did with Dystopia Justifies the Means.
[-[Added 19 June, 12:30 AM]-

Intellectually Supported Tyranny: What a wonderful Flame Bait and place for petty grievances.
[-[Added 19 June, 1:00 AM]-

Bald of Evil - Calling people evil again
[-[Added 4 July, 12:30 AM]-

If It's You, It's Okay - Full of Zero Context Examples and very prone to gushing in violation of our No Lewdness No Prudishness policy.
[Added July 6, 8:45 AM]

Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Too controversial, Flame Bait, Conversation In The Main Page and Natter.
[-[Added 11 June, 11:45 AM]-

He Who Fights Monsters: It boils down to villainy. Plus, heaps and heaps of Natter.
[-[Added 11 June, 12:00 PM]-

Culture Police: We already did it with Police State. Any Real Life example here is soapboxing or complaining.
[-[Added 20 June, 3:00 AM]-

Broken Pedestal: Leads to complaining, Natter, Conversation On The Main Page.
[-[Added 28 June, 4:30 AM]-

Uriah Gambit: "It's suspected to...", "Some say that..." Basically, conspiracy theories that go nowhere and only bring useless Natter.
[-[Added 2 July, 12:30 PM]-

Science Is Bad: As we did with Religion Is Wrong, for example.
[-[Added 16 June, 10:45 AM]-

"The Reason You Suck" Speech: A lot of potential for controversy.
[Added 10 June, 4:30 AM]

From Nobody to Nightmare: Just another way of calling a person evil.
[-[Added 11 June, 12:00 PM]-

Alternative Character Interpretation: Some tropes have a potential, but this one is basically asking for Edit War and Conversation In The Main Page.
[-[Added 11 June, 4:00 PM]-

The Caligula: Too controversial, just another way of calling a real person "evil".
[Added 12 June, 8:00 AM]

Gray and Gray Morality: Too controversial.
[-[Added 24 June, 5:00 AM]-

Commie Nazis
[-[Added 29 June, 5:15 PM]-

Blue and Orange Morality: The Real Life section is being used to accuse certain moral criteria of certain people as 'strange', 'foreign' and/or 'alien' to normal human standards simply because we don't understand them. Strangeness regarding human standards is only in the eye of the beholder, and is more of a Values Dissonance issue than anything else. Also, we haven't found any intelligent non-human lifeforms with which we can communicate to compare our morality systems.
[Added 5 July, 5:15 AM]

Ignore..created by mistake

Defector from Decadence: Too controversial, often used to complain.
[Added 1 July, 2:15 PM]

Refuge in Audacity: Do we really need to know how far/low people is willing to get? Plus, controversy and Natter.
[Added 13 June, 11:00 AM]

Ignore. Already on crowner.

We Have Reserves: Villain trope, tons of Natter, Conversation On The Main Page. It's not nice to call real people "mooks".
[Added 20 June, 9:15 AM]

Kangaroo Court: Too controversial, Natter, excellent Flame Bait.
[Added 12 June, 8:15 AM]