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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

In short: long discussion, no solid decision, have a crowner.

Vote up on the one suggestion you like best, but please feel free to vote down as many as you disagree with.

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No Queerbaiting page

A Useful Note page with both a list of tropes (may be on separate index) and some examples discussed

A supertrope/index, with a description of Queerbaiting, a list of tropes which can potentially be used as part of Queerbaiting, and explanations for the rationale behind same.

A simple Useful Note page

A Useful Note page and a list of tropes. This may be a separate index or on the UN page

A Useful Note with some examples discussed

A YMMV trope that allows examples

Have a Useful Note (with/without trope list) but also a YMMV trope (with/without examples)

An exampleless YMMV trope