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Here are the short definitions that tropers proposed in this thread for Planet Eris.

To get an idea of where we should be going with Planet Eris, please vote for the ones you like, and against the ones you disagree with. These options should not be considered mutually exclusive.

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The story ostensibly takes place in modern Earth, but is spiced up with any number of speculative fiction creatures and tropes, added according to Rule of Funny, Rule of Cool, and Ass Pull.

A work where fantastic elements exist, but it's Like Reality Unless Noted. Fantasy Kitchen Sink fantastic elements are expected, but Planet Eris they are unusual but unsurprising.

A Mundane Fantastic version of Fantasy Kitchen Sink, where crazy things coexist with "real world" elements.

New Fantasy and Sci-Fi elements as the plot demands, but still Like Reality Unless Noted.

Essentially, All Fiction Is True. Includes Fantasy Kitchen Sink, Monster Mash, and all combinations. Despite and aside from this, the world is just like our own.

Mundane characters and world somehow have supernatural elements, with no real reason other than it enables plot.

Fantasy Kitchen Sink that treats all fantastic stuff as completely normal.