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Switch title with current redirect Scenery Censor? Up for yes, down for no switch.

  • Pro: Scenery Censor is more descriptive, the current name is potentially misleading, and switching the title with a redirect will not lose any wicks. Roughly 29% of wicks come from the current redirect, indicating that the name Scenery Censor has caught on at least somewhat and that many tropers find it to be a better name. Also, all of the other Censorship Tropes about visual cover-up techniques have more descriptive names (such as Censor Steam and Censor Suds), so the new name would better fit into that naming scheme.
  • Con: Trope is currently very healthy, with 266 wicks and 1099 inbounds. Wick check in post #6, there doesn't seem to be much misuse.