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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Crowner to decide which pages about web sites are pertinent to our site.

Vote yes if you believe a page should be cut.

Vote no if you believe a page is acceptable for our site or could be salvaged or repurposed (give details in a post.)

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

eBay: Doesn't contain a work. Could be a Useful Notes page, but someone would have to fill out the description.

Tumblr: Troping user antics, including potentially controversial or squicky aspects of the site.

Omegle: Troping user antics & could potentially invite skeeviness.

Jesus Is Savior: Doesn't contain a work, and is flame-bait.

Zeldathon: Doesn't contain a tropable work. Also massive style violations.

The Pirate Bay: Consists solely of troping user antics & doesn't contain a work.

Commander Bond Dot Net: Stub, not really tropable.

Sargon Of Akkad: Invites drama, and does not have a tropeable work.

Wikia: Tropes real life users. Redundant in the face of The Wiki Rule.

Sheroes Central: Does not contain a work, is not linked anywhere, and tropes its userbase.

Microaggressions: Doesn't contain a work, Troper Tales/documenting real life drama.

Six Billion Secrets: Revolves around passing judgement on people's personal lives, and doesn't contain a work.

Fuck No TV Tropes: Doesn't contain or discuss a work (well, aside from existing solely to bash us, that is).

Sponge Buddy Mania: Troping about the users and their antics.

Thunderf00t: Invites drama.

Fundies Say The Darndest Things: most of the tropes are about the userbase of the site. Has a Characters page where they trope the userbase even more, and calls real people "Morons". This one actually has so many tropes it is split into subpages.

Fur Affinity: Almost all of it is troping user antics.

Conservapedia: Much of the page is just mocking the userbase.

Metapedia: Tropes user antics, and doesn't contain a tropeable work.

The Other Side: Not an actual fictional work.

Girl Writes What: Doesn't contain a tropable work, and could invite drama.

Lifehacker: Doesn't contain a tropeable work; the page consists solely of ZCEs from one article.

[Added 1st Apr 2017 12:16:40 PM]

Time Cube: Just mocking the creator.

The Amazing Atheist: Invites drama.

Feminist Frequency: Invites drama.

Not Always Right and related pages: Not so much a work as a whinefest/RL gossip cesspit; the main NAR page (and likely the others as well) also also has a major weblink ZCE problem.

[Added 8th Feb 2017 05:24:36 PM]

Mod note: : Already Cut. The Sponge Bob Community: Troping user antics.

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