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At issue:

Crowner to decide which pages about web sites are pertinent to our site.

Vote yes if you believe a page should be cut.

Vote no if you believe a page is acceptable for our site or could be salvaged or repurposed (give details in a post.)

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13 1 (13.00)

Wyrmrest Accord: Stub page, no trope list for the work (it's effectively a character sheet)

12 1 (12.00)

  • YA Books Central: Not a tropeable work (neither fiction nor non-fiction), troping user antics

12 1 (12.00)

Xanas Lair: Not a tropeable work (forums), hosts roleplays; troping user antics

12 1 (12.00)

Wrong Planet: Not a tropeable work (forums), troping users

12 2 (6.00)

Walfas: ZCE problem, stub page, unindexed, no crosswicks

11 2 (5.50)

  • Weegeepedia: Not a tropeable work (effectively a page about a meme)

11 2 (5.50)

The World Of Mr Satanism: Website no longer exists, focuses more on creator than the work

11 2 (5.50)

Harkipedia: Not a tropeable work (effectively a page about a meme)

19 11 (1.73)

Pixiv: Not a tropeable work (hosts artwork), tropes list is not troping anything but rather is a list of links for search tags.

12 5 (2.40)

Wayback Machine: Not a tropable work (An archive). Could be repurposed into a Useful Note considering how often it gets cited here, but that's if we decide to keep it at all, as it cannot stay within the "website" namespace since it's a feature, not a site.

10 3 (3.33)

We Hunted The Mammoth: Non-fiction blog dealing with controversial subject matter.

10 4 (2.50)

Trollpasta Wiki: Quality issues, particularly regarding site policies such as Auto-Erotic Troping and Weblinks Are Not Examples. Was determined to need a major quality upgrade to be kept.

8 2 (4.00)

Cult of Dusty: Non-fiction vlog. The page is mostly about Dusty himself rather than his videos.

10 5 (2.00)

Dr Nerdlove.

Non fictional blog whose potentially tropable material would be Real Life based

10 5 (2.00)

Twitter: Troping real life.

Crappy Games Wiki: Attracting complaining and drama importing.

12 9 (1.33)

Fan Fiction Dot Net: Not a tropeable work (a repository of fanfics)


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