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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Crowner to decide which pages about web sites are pertinent to our site.

Vote yes if you believe a page should be cut.

Vote no if you believe a page is acceptable for our site or could be salvaged or repurposed (give details in a post.)

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Natural News: Complaining about the site's creator, not a tropeable work

[Added on 6th Jul '17 at 06:26:28 PM]

Quackwatch: Calling RL persons and organizations evil, not a tropeable work or creator

[4th Jul '17 at 06:39:13 PM]

Scorehero: Stub page, troping user antics

[Added 4th Jul '17 at 07:50:11 PM]

Ustream: Stub page, hosts videos

[Added 4th Jul '17 at 07:50:28 PM]

Yoyo Games: Not a creator or work, tropes list not about the site but one of their products (Game Maker)

[Added 4th Jul '17 at 06:39:18 PM]

The Zeldathon Team: Not a tropeable work (an event)

Added on 16th Jul '17 at 05:41:23 PM

Yahoo!: Not a tropeable work (a business)

Added on 16th Jul '17 at 05:41:33 PM

Bash Org: Tropes list is primarily weblinks, not a tropeable work

[Added on 4th Jul '17 at 07:56:31 PM]

Fantendo: Poor quality page; also, the users on that site don't want to maintain or update it, and they already put it on the Cut List before.

[Added 4th Jul '17 at 07:50:20 PM]

Please ignore this entry.

Ted: No tropes listed.

[Added 4th Jul '17 at 06:39:25 PM]

YTMND: Poor quality page, Zero Context Examples

Added on 16th Jul '17 at 05:41:48 PM