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At issue:

These are tropes and works for which it has been proposed that video examples be banned. Please discuss entries before adding them to the crowner, or they will be deleted. Vote UP if a page should have NO video examples, else vote DOWN. Items that have a big (CLOSED) at the ending have already been decided, having accrued at least 10 total votes, and at least 48 hours having elapsed since the addition was announced. At least a 2:1 vote ratio is needed to add to No Video Examples Please.

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Sensory Abuse: Health concerns, similar to Epileptic Flashing Lights; supported by a mod

Gorn: Too NSFW

Gratuitous Rape: Too NSFW

Date Rape: Too NSFW

Prison Rape: Too NSFW

4 1 (4.00)

Screamer Prank: Health concerns, similar to Jump Scare

4 1 (4.00)

Screamer Trailer: Health concerns, similar to Jump Scare

Sex Montage: Too NSFW

Snuff Film: Too NSFW

2 1 (2.00)

Anal Probing: Too NSFW

ProZD: Copyright problems, due to short length

Vinesauce: Copyright problems, due to short length


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