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These are pages where it has been proposed to limit Real Life examples to those before a certain point in time, usually for reasons of the Rule Of Cautious Editing Judgment or recency bias. Please discuss tropes in the thread before adding them; entries added without discussion are subject to deletion.

Proposed time limits may be over a rolling period (e.g. \"no examples from the past 6 months\") or a fixed point in time (e.g. \"no examples after 1975\").

Vote UP to agree with a proposed change; vote DOWN to disagree.

If an item has a (CLOSED) on it, there is no need to vote on it; the result has already been decided, meeting the following requirements:
  • They have ten or more total votes,
  • have been on the crowner for at least 72 hours, measured from when the addition of the new crowner entry is announced in a thread post,
  • and are stable with at least a 2:1 vote ratio.

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Win Back the Crowd: At least one week after release. (CLOSED)

23 4 (5.75)

Hindsight Tropes ("Funny Aneurysm" Moment, Harsher in Hindsight, Hilarious in Hindsight): After the event that makes it harsher/funny/heartwarming is over. (CLOSED)

21 3 (7.00)

The Scrappy: At least six months after the character is introduced or becomes hated. (CLOSED)

Limit Box Office Bomb to those that finish their theatrical runs. (CLOSED)

15 1 (15.00)

"So X, It's X" tropes (So Bad, It's Good, So Okay, It's Average, So Bad, It's Horrible): At least one month after the initial release to prevent knee-jerk reactions. (CLOSED)

14 1 (14.00)

Fair for Its Day: 20 years after a work's initial release. (CLOSED)

15 2 (7.50)

Critical Dissonance: At least one month after the work is released to prevent knee-jerk reactions, or end of first season/theatrical run, whichever comes later. (CLOSED)

18 6 (3.00)

Values Dissonance/Values Resonance/Society Marches On: 20 years after a work's initial release if it's about the dissonance/resonance from different time periods. Works discussing the dissonance/resonance between different cultures won't require a waiting period. (CLOSED)

13 3 (4.33)

WrittenByTheWinners.Real Life: At least 200 years after the event. (CLOSED)

14 5 (2.80)

Apparently Powerless Puppetmaster: For Real Life examples, at least 20 years after they leave office. (CLOSED)

9 2 (4.50)

Genre Turning Point: 10 years after initial release, to ensure that the genre did indeed change. (CLOSED)

8 3 (2.67)

One-Hit Wonder/Two-Hit Wonder (real life examples): At least 5 years or the artist's official retirement/disbandment. (CLOSED)

7 2 (3.50)

Fair for Its Day: 15 years after a work's initial release. (Currently 20 years.)

6 5 (1.20)

They Changed It, Now It Sucks!/It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: At least six months after a work's initial release.

Vindicated by History: At least five years to ensure history has judged the work more favourably.

EnemyMine.Real Life: For political examples, at least 10 years after the alliance is formed


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