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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

What to do concerning the usage of Moe across the Wiki. Vote UP options you like; Vote Down options you Don't.

Please Fill in Pros and Cons.

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Keep page as is, and change into an YMMV Trope.


  • No need to fix the trope description.


  • Meaning of the trope will probably still not be that clear.


  • Wicks will need to move to YMMV tab.

Remove Moe from the YMMV Trope list .

Pros: Can be used for any page on the Wiki

Cons: Requires redefinition

Split Moe into:

Moe: Example free description of the fanspeak term. It's fine if the description is broad and vague, since the term is broad and vague. Just discuss how it can mean different things, and then have links to the other Moe pages.

Moe Blob: A YMMV character trope fanspeak term, generally an insult. (Possibly example free?) Describes a character who seems only designed to generate moe. Lists the other character traits/tropes that are commonly associated with making a character moe.

Moe Show: A YMMV genre category. A fanspeak term for a show that seems focused around generating moe rather then plot.

Moe Style: Describing the art style that has become associated with Moe.

Pros: Leaves inbound links as are to a description of the term (the main link purpose I've seen offsite), and what is also essentially a dissemination page to the other Moe pages.

Cons: Lots of work. May be the first step in Moe Domination of the wiki.

Soft Split Moe into two types.

  • Usage In-Universe.

  • Usage as an Audience Reaction.


  • There are shows that invoke moe and use the concept to drive the plot. Examples:
  • Moe lampshading, like the page quote
  • Characters traits: glasses, cat ears, clumsyness, could be added to characters by their authors to draw an audience.


  • Trope definition will need to be refined (its still vague).

Shorten description, otherwise leave as is.

Pros: No need to solve problems that may not exist

Cons: Insufficiently complicated

Limit to In-Universe Examples only.

Pros: Will cut down on YMMV use of the trope.

Cons: Will require a lot of extra work to sort the existing In-Universe examples from the Audience Reaction examples.

Rewrite description to be more objective, trim examples and otherwise leave as is.

Pros: No need to move all of the wicks to YMMV.

Cons: A term as general as "moe" would be difficult to redefine (especially one that has so many YMMV connotations), and tying it down to a single definition could confuse a lot of inbound links.

Change Moe into a Non-YMMV Character Trope.

Pros: Cleans up misuse and relegates trope the Character namespace.

Cons: Requires redefining the trope to be more objective, which could create confusion from inbound links.

Discourage the use for male characters and delete male character examples. The Cute Shotaro Boy page has this to say about itself: "Essentially a cute male equivalent to the moe aesthetic in the eyes of female (and some male) fans". As Cute Shotaro Boy is the male equivalent, that makes "Moe" the female.

Pros: Further clarifies the definition to just female characters.

Cons: Still doesn't clarify what 'moe' is.

Mark the trope as YMMV, keep the definition the same, but limit the examples list on the page itself to in-universe only.

Pros: Avoids redefining the trope, but keeps all of the bases covered in regards to its large scope.

Cons: Would require a lot of example-cutting and YMMV-migrating. The definition is still not exact.

Cut it.

Pros: Removes the problem.

Cons: Would create thousands of red links and broken inbounds.