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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Mega Manning (now called Power Copying) has various methods to get the powers. A split was proposed, and now there is a subtrope called Your Defeat Means I Obtain Your Powers (to be renamed) that is about getting powers after defeating the enemy. However there are other methods common enough to propose more splits or other actions to improve the trope.

Vote up or down the following proposals. Please refrain yourself from editing any of them: it only leads people to vote things they didn't vote for. If you feel you have a better idea for the trope feel free to add it, but don't edit the other options.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Rename and edit Cannibalism Superpower so it covers not only the powers gotten by eating, but also those from absorbing the enemy or making it part of you. Buu would be the former. The Borg would be the latter.

Right now Cannibalism Superpower is, by definition, a subtrope of Power Copying. Expanding it's meaning would make having less examples in the supertrope, as they would fit under the subtrope. The methods added to the meaning are similar enough, that's why this has been proposed.

Edit and revise (and probably rename) Power Parasite for literal power stealing. The enemy can't use the powers anymore, but it mustn't die with the process (or it would be a variant of Your Defeat Means I Obtain Your Powers). The stealing doesn't have to be permanent.

The trope seems to need very little editing, and with the new name and definition Mega Manning has as Power Copying Power Parasite would be a subtrope of it, that's why this has been proposed.