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Rename the M.I.B. trope to The Men in Black and make no changes to Men in Black.

  • Pro: Consistent with custom of adding "The" to tropes about types of characters.

Rename the M.I.B. trope to Men in Black and take over the Main.Men In Black page that is currently being used as the page for the Men in Black franchise.

  • Pro: It is an exapansion of the current initialism.
  • Con: Using a name that was once used as the sole work page for the entire Men in Black franchise will increase the likelyhood of confusion between the trope and the work.

Rename the work pages to Men In Black Franchise and rename the the trope to The Men in Black. Make Men in Black a disamgiuation page.

Put the franchise page at Men In Black Franchise, and name this trope Men in Black, with MIB and The Men in Black as redirects.

Put the work pages in the proper namespace for their genre.

Keep the trope name as M.I.B..

Rename the trope to The MIB.