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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

The games-only subtrope Massive Race Selection now has a minimum number: 6 playable races.

Loads And Loads Of Races is the non-gaming supertrope (non-playable races in fiction). Shall this supertrope have a minimum number of races in its definition? What should that number be?

Note that the examples and wicks are all over the place. If any number is chosen, cleanup will be necessary.

Also, should the description allow the trope to be an Informed Attribute, or should a "race" need at least a little description or screentime?

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Minimum 15

Minimum 12 - twice the number of the playable-specific subtrope

Minimum 10

Minimum 20

Minimum 25

Minimum 6, like the subtrope.

No set minimum number.

Pro: Even discounting games, what can be called "loads and loads" still varies too much by medium to set a generic minimum.
Con: A few of the examples even on the page itself have very low numbers like 4 or 5. That's not "loads and loads" in any medium. This wants clearer definition.

Up: Yes, this trope can be an Informed Attribute. A work that says "representatives of over fifty races met at the Galactic Council to discuss the matter" uses this trope.

Down: No, this trope cannot be an Informed Attribute. To use this trope a work needs "loads and loads" of races with at least some description/details or screentime/artwork.