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Solution A:Split-off examples of hard-hitting Fragile Speedsters, and create a new subtrope of Fragile Speedster and Glass Cannon to file them under. (High attack, high speed, low durability.) This would eliminate any overlap between these two tropes. (Note: Glass Cannon currently gives no mention to speed in it's definition, making it a a valid place for such examples already.)

Description of the problem (please vote up for her so that she stays at the top, the vote for this description are of course meaningless)

The page Lightning Bruiser is divided into three types of examples: The first is a subversion of the Mighty Glacier; He durable and capable of doing a lot of damage, but is surprisingly fast. The second is a subversion of the Fragile Speedster; He is fast and lightweight, but is hard-hitting, strong and/or has high durability. The third is for machinery. The description of Lightning Bruiser empathizes the first type of example, as well as the Lightning Bruiser 's all around high attack, speed, and defense. The issue that has been raised is that Lightning Bruiser features examples of hard-hitting Fragile Speedsters that lack defense/durability. This is contrary to the definition of Lightning Bruiser as "Fast, Strong, and Tough"' Please vote up the solutions you like, vote down the solutions you don't.

Solution B:Move examples of hard-hitting Fragile Speedsters to Glass Cannon and Fragile Speedster. Adjust Fragile Speedster so that attack capability is a non-issue.

No Change Necessary:There doesn't seem to be any need for a change in Lightning Bruiser's description or examples. A rename or may or may not be in order.


Solution C:Adjust Lightning Bruiser so that it no longer requires a character to be Fast, Strong, and Tough. The new description would reflect the example list: Surprisingly agile Might Glaciers and surprisingly Tough and/or Hard-hitting Fragile Speedsters. This would be less about stat balance and more about a subversion of expectations.