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At issue:

Involuntary Shapeshifting is defined as:
  • Character posesses some manner of Shape Shifting ability.
  • Character is unable to control when and where their transformations occur.
  • Their transformations are a recurring event within the series.

However, it is frequently potholed as a Stock Phrase for any and all forms of transformations being forced upon an unwilling subject, regardless of whether it's a character ability and/or a recurring event. We already have tropes for that — Baleful Polymorph, Transformation Ray, Fisher Kingdom, Mode Lock, Karmic Transformation, etc.

Stratadrake did a rough cleanup of the wicks and documented approximately 50% misuse of the trope in related articles.

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Swap with redirect: Involuntary Shapeshifter

Pro: The current name (Involuntary Shapeshifting) has seen a lot of misuse.

  • The redirect (Involuntary Shapeshifter) was added as a way to place emphasis on the trope being a recurring character ability. Making that the main name may help discourage misuse.

Con: If snowcloned trope naming should be consistent, we would possibly want to swap Voluntary Shapeshifting with its redirect (Voluntary Shapeshifter) also.

Take no further action

Pro: The cleanup has already been finished, we can just call the issue complete.

Con: Given that the trope already saw significant misuse, future misuse may still be a concern.

Find a different name for the article

  • Standard rename proposal, requires Alternate Names crowner for possibilities.