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Andrex puppies


  • Image from actual use in media rather than just a photo of cute puppies.
  • Illustrates the trope: Puppies introduced deliberately, specifically to increase the cuteness factor. What other reason is there to connect puppies with toilet paper?


  • none stated in discussion.

Nose Biter


  • Seriously cute picture of seriously precious puppies.
  • Comes with a caption "Puppies even make domestic abuse cute!"


  • Not really an illustration of the trope, which is not simply "puppies are cute" or "this work has puppies in it".

Keep the current page image

For: The puppy is cute.


  • The picture is blurry
  • The girl is the main focus of the picture, not the dog
  • The dog appears to trying to get away from her
  • The trope isn't simply "This work has a puppy in it"; it's "Puppies were deliberately added because of the cuteness factor."

Better picture of girl with puppy


  • not blurry
  • more focus on the puppy
  • she's making a cute face to the puppy


  • seems more like a grown dog than a puppy