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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Humans Are Bastards is constantly, intensely misused as "humans are bastards in general" as opposed to the actual meaning, "humans are bastards only in comparison to alien, sentient species. What should we do about this?

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Split Humans Are Bastards can keep its Trope Decayed definition of "people are bastards" while a new trope such as Terrans Are Bastards (exact title will get a new crowner) can be launched to cover the intended meaning.


  • "Humans Are Bastards" meaning "people are bastards" is both more intuitive and more widely used.
  • Fixing wicks will be easier as will checking for continued misuse.


Purge all bad wicks and potholes; keep eye out for continued misuse.


  • Will not disturb correctly used wicks, where other options would require changing what had been used properly the first time.
  • Does not concede to Trope Decay.


  • Misuse outweighs correct use, making this the more labor-intensive option.
  • Policing new wicks, let alone new wicks and potholes, will be a nearly full-time job.

Tweak description. Remove the Planet of Hats talk and limit it to humans being called bastards by other species and comparisons along those lines.

Pros: Less likely to be mistaken for what it's misused as. Eases possibly unnecessary restrictions on trope.

Cons: Does nothing alone to stop current misuse, which derives almost entirely from name.

Trope describtion should be changed to Humans Are Bastards In general, this is much bigger trope as opposed to that extremely narrowed describtion.

Change the describtion to "humans are bastards in general".



  • I don't see any.



  • Widely misused as either "humans are bad compared to animals/non-civilized species" or "humans are bastards in general". The actual definition is "Humans are bastards compared to aliens and other sentient races".
  • Many of the 4000 attracted to this Wiki through this name mentioned below probably thought it meant one of the mistaken definitions above, and don't even realize what it's supposed to mean, guaranteeing the misuse will be extended indefinitely under its current name.


  • Page name has brought over 4,000 people to this wiki.

I suggest the name to be changed to "Humans As The Villains". What do you think?

Do nothing


  • No need to touch wicks or potholes, so it's easier.


  • The status quo involves massive misuse of the trope.