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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

The group of Ho Yay, Foe Yay, and Incest Yay (hereinafter referenced as X Yay) will be split into YMMV pages for fan reactions, and an objective pages for in-universe examples, as it was decided in this crowner. But how to do it?

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Keep the current format of X Yay for the objective scenes, and launch new pages for those audience reactions as X Yay Shipping.


  • The tropable, more significant pages would get to keep the more established terms.
  • Currently the X Yay titles are used both for objective, and for audience reaction examples. Keeping the old title for one of them wouldn't communicate that a change in its criteria happened.

Keep the current format of X Yay for the audience reactions, and launch new pages for those objective scenes as X Yay Moments.


  • It would at least keep the current speed of YMMV page migration, if the old titles, that are already associated with this subjective status, would stay subjective.


  • It would mean more work for editors than the inverted option, since other than removing bad examples, it would also mean renaming the good ones.

blanked entry.

Keep X Yay as exampleless disambiguation pages for the fan-speak term, that would lead to the two variations, under new titles, thus creating both X Yay Shipping and X Yay Moment as subtropes.

(Compare this to the precedent that was set by Discontinuity's split into Canon Discontinuity and Fanon Discontinuity.)


  • As the current title is associated with both meanings, this would be the most clear way to describe the difference between them.
  • Until editors would start to use the new titles, every wick would lead to a redundant page.

Use both X Yay Shipping and X Yay Moments as the main titles for the two concepts, and only use the old X Yay titles as redirects, either for audience reactions, or for the objectives, (whichever gets more votes here for keeping them as the main names.)


  • The term would stay tied to the concept that more people think it should be tied to.