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At issue:

  • Ho Yay is supposed to be an objective trope, but it keeps being used as a fan reaction.
  • Ho Yay Shipping, which was created with the intent of solving this problem, has very few wicks or inbounds. (85 wicks and 54 inbounds, compared to Ho Yay's 8,804 wicks and 20,087 inbounds.)
  • Ho Yay is a well-known fanspeak term outside of this wiki, and the outside definition refers to the subjective variant.

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Change all Ho Yay examples that aren't obvious to Ho Yay Shipping.

Make Ho Yay subjective.

Rename Ho Yay to something that makes it clearer that it's only supposed to be used for intentional examples.

Create a new page for actual subtext and merge Ho Yay with Ho Yay Shipping.

Cut Ho Yay. Misuse is entrenched. Reliable objectivity is probably impossible in the face of a strong audience reaction that requires little or nothing in the work to set it off.

Take no action.