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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Hey Its That Guy is a Trivia item defined as "An actor you've seen in other works, but you don't remember his name, just his face." We often misuse it for "Here are unrelated other roles played by this film's actors," the just-for-fun game currently covered by Role Association.

All crowner items will apply to the mirror trope, Hey Its That Voice, as well.

Usage stats between both tropes: 9,448 wicks and 2,657 inbounds.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Remove Hey Its That Guy from Trivia tabs, and convert its page to a threaded discussion page similar to You Know That Show and Lost and Found.

Transplant Hey Its That Guy and Hey Its That Voice to Just for Fun, to preserve the "game" aspect of the articles. Create namespaces to support this on the work end (example: HeyItsThat.Lord Of The Rings).

Merge Hey Its That Guy with Role Association, keep all current wicks.

Cut Hey Its That Guy and all its associated wicks (and redirect Hey Its That Guy somewhere to save inbounds).

Rename Role Association to "Hey Its That Guy" to correct the current Hey Its That Guy wicks; rename the current Hey Its That Guy page.

Tweak the definition of Hey Its That Guy to match the misuse.


Leave the Hey Its That Guy and Role Association pages as they are, but delete all current Hey Its That Guy misuse from Trivia tabs.

Rename all of the current misused Hey Its That Guy wicks to "Role Association," but leave the Hey Its That Guy page as it is.