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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

  • This page started out as part of a series of Useful Notes on the Japanese language.

  • Over time, the generic name and the lack of a clear distinction between Useful Notes and Tropes common in the early days of this wiki led to it being used as a trope for variety of ways in which English is used many types of non-English media, not just Japanese media.

  • Many have argued that the description of this trope needs to reflect the current more generic, non-Japanese specific usage.

  • Some consider that the information about Japan is worth preserving as a seperate Useful Notes page that fufills the original intent of this page. Others argue that there is nothing unique to the Japanese use of English that is worth noting.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

  1. Write a non-culture specific description for Gratuitous English.
  2. Move Japan specific information to a Useful Notes page.

  • Pro: This would fulfil both the original purpose of having a Useful Note on a particular feature of the Japanese language, and the current use of the page as a more generic trope.
  • Pro: The current page description contains information about the history of incorporation of non-Japanese (not just English) words into Japanese and specific examples of how some specific words are used. Some people find this interesting, informative, and useful in understanding Japanese media.
  • Pro: The Useful Notes page need not just be Gratuitous English IN JAPAN but can contain not only the language information that is in the current article but also any additional information that can be added on the topic. It also can incorporate the information about Japanese use of German that is currently in Gratuitous German.
  • Con: Japan is not the only language to borrow foreign terms.
  • Con: We are not a grammar wiki.
  • Con: There is NO information specific to Japanese in this article.
  • Pro: It would be consistent with our current inclusion of other language specific Useful Notes.
  • Con: It would not be consistent with our other useful notes on language policies as other languages would need identical articles on lonewords.

  1. Make the Gratuitous English description country neutral as there are no references to Japan in the description that are actually confined to Japanese.
  2. Do not create Useful Notes page for the information on Japan that is currently in the article.

  • Pro: All references to Japanese apply equally to French, German, and all sort of other languages and as such there are no Japanese specific bits that can be split off into a Useful Notes page.
  • Pro: There is no information specific to Japan in this article.
  • Con: This would defeat the original purpose of the page as a Useful Note on the Japanese language.