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At issue:

Ghost Shipping as currently presented is too similar to Boy Meets Ghoul, with many overlapping examples. Further, Ghost Shipping is being used for both In Universe relationships between living and dead/undead characters and fan Shipping of such relationships.

As a note, The Lost Lenore covers the case of a character perpetually mourning the death of a loved one who is not coming back.

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Redefine Ghost Shipping as a Shipping trope. Merge all In-Universe examples into Boy Meets Ghoul. Flag Ghost Shipping YMMV.

Merge Ghost Shipping with Boy Meets Ghoul, removing audience reaction examples.

Change Ghost Shipping to be about relationships between living and dead characters (including ghosts), and Boy Meets Ghoul to be strictly about relationships between living and corporeal undead characters (vampires, zombies, and such). YKTTW another trope for the Shipping phenomenon.