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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

What to do with "Fetishes"?

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Yack Fest

Let sex talk just appear. Anywhere it happens to come out.

It Just Awes Me

Ignore this, I just failed to understand how the voting works (I know it now) (Also: Why do people keep voting for this?)

Allow Fetishes a week or two in IJAM to see if it really does kill the thread.

Whatever happens, rename it to something more indicative.

([Edit by Pacific:] When I suggested this, I think it was to be as a seperate discussion or crowner, although vote/veto this option if you want)

The Soup Bowl

Self-Demonstrating Article. Guilty Pleasure. The Root of all EVIL. Care Bears.

Troper Covens

Benzine Bicarbonate?

M Aybe it should go to It Just Awes me!



(It won't be, so don't bother)

(I can dream, so YES IT WILL!)

Video Games

Just let it be nuked.

The Great Big TV Tropes Forum Archive In The Sky

Live Performance

It's Just Adult

Supersecret Mod Jabberings


Wiki Talk

Forum Games

Trope Talk

It should be Stickied, wherever it is put.

The Academy Role Playing Game

Destroy it.

It Just Bugs Me


On-Topic Conversations