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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

It has been decided to hard split the Always Female index to it's smaller elements, including Inherently Female Tropes and Feminine Tropes, but exactly how to do it?

Note that the options are not exclusive. They will be judged by their absolute position in the crowner, not by being first.

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The current Always Female list: rework into superindex, or turn into a redirect?

Vote this UP if the current list should be kept, as a superindex of all female tropes, and renamed to Female Tropes, based on how it is used today.

Vote this DOWN if you think that it should be redefined as Inherently Female, and either kept with this title or turned into a redirect of Inherently Female Tropes, based on how the current title strongly implies that meaning.

Mod Action: What to do with Always Male is not part of this discussion, and should have its own thread, and crowners. Do NOT put it back into this crowner.

There are gender inverted trope counterparts (like Mary Sue + Marty Stu, or Distressed Damsel + Distressed Dude). Where to put them on these indexes?

Vote UP to create a new sub-index called Gender Inverted Trope Counterparts, and list them there, because the less common examples should be considered Gender Inverted Playing With versions of their more common variation, not genuinely gender-exclusive tropes, so they fit on neither of these indexes.

Vote DOWN to list them on Inherently Female Tropes, because the Gender Inverted trope pages themselves don't list male examples, so technically that's what they are, or on Feminine Tropes because they logically work like them, so hat's what they are.

Should the indexes be limited to Character Tropes?

Vote UP if yes, only character types should be listed on them.

Vote DOWN if other gender-related tropes, (e.g. Battle Ballgown, Beautiful All Along, Career Versus Man) should also get listed for being mostly or always associated with women.