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Argument: Evilly Affable as written is indistinct from Laughably Evil. However, it does suggest another trope which is unique. (For an example of one of those definitions see arks' and Some Sort of Troper's[1] posts on the first page).


Argument: Article is so poorly-defined as to be effectively useless. 'Villain who is enjoyable to watch' is not a trope. Title causes confusion with Affably Evil. And if we're changing both the name and the definition, we're just making a completely new trope, which can go through YKTTW on its own.

Merge with Laughably Evil

The trope as written is indistinct from Laughably Evil, and there is no way to rectify that. Suggested redefines are either The Same But More or The Same But More Specific.

Rework and make a Sub-Trope of Laughably Evil and Complete Monster

Argument: The description is poorly written. Besides that, there is a distinct trope: Laughably Evil meets Complete Monster, which has enough examples to make it worth the page. A better description will fix the problems.

Leave as is

Argument: There is nothing wrong with the trope as written.