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Rename Round 2!

The Everythings Better With X family has aimed to document random, gratuitous elements (e.g. monkeys) that works throw in for instant entertainment. Editors have misused its snowclones in various ways. We're now renaming these pages to clarify their content.

Some of the new pages up for rename do not cover a trope. E.g. Everything Better With Kangaroos lists all kangaroos. In these cases, we'll try to name the page after the trope we could best make from the current examples. Later, we will remove the various incorrect examples.

Others of the pages up for rename offer questionable tropability. Everythings Worse With Bears lists threatening bears, but aggression is so intrinsic to bearhood that some argue this is equivalent to Bears. Everythings Spoonier With Spoons lists humorous spoon references, but it's unclear whether this is a trope or a collection of unrelated jokes. But we are not going to cut these pages at this stage because cutting requires more discussion. Instead, we will first name each to clarify its content. Later, we will discuss whether the pages should be cleaned up, altered of cut.

Feel free to add alternate names for any of the tropes already on the crowner or to add comments to options.

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Rename Everything's Sparkly with Jewelry to Glamorous Jewelry (or another name, to be decided later).

Everything's Worse with Wolves refers specifically to someone being hunted by a pack of wolves. Rename to Dogged By Wolves.

Rename Everything's Cooler With Lava to Lava Adds Drama.

Con: The trope has nothing to do with drama. It's based on Rule of Cool.

Keep Everything's Worse with Wolves, Everything's Worse with Bears, Everything's Worse with Bees, and Everything's Even Worse with Sharks with the same names, but make the the Laconics "It Got Worse, now there's X" and fix tropes to match.